Schannel Event ID 36869 ".... does not have private key information ..."

What a fun one this was to troubleshoot, thanks one again M$!

The error for me was being triggered when people tried to connect via LDAPS (not the commonly found results for HTTPS although much of the information here likely overlaps).

Here are all the articles I used for reference to solve this, I had to piece some things together and use the diagnostic info on some of them to get the full picture:


Fixing up a broken Microsoft CA (missing CA templates) after migrating to Server 2008

Had to do this one today, here's my entry so maybe I can remember it.

Firstly, the bulk of this information came from this post


Pre-configuring CPAN for non-interactive installation


I do a lot of linux and windows automated system building. Automated system building requires many commands along the way to be 'silenced' and 'assume default' answers for questions that during a normal, single system build you can answer easily along the way. One that has gotten me over the years is the need for you to initialize CPAN before you can use 'cpan -i' to install packages relatively silently in most cases. Once, you configure this one time (each login user must configure) you never have to answer the default set of questions again.


Drupal 7 Core Cache Won't Follow Symlinks (Workaround)

Well, I just finally worked through a nasty bug of sorts present in Drupal 7 caching logic.

It is very, very closely related to this bug:


Upgrading to Drupal 7

This site is currently in the process of being upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. This migration began in late March of 2011 and I hope to have it relatively cleaned up and looking good in about 2 weeks. ''This is why much of the content looks weird with extra punctuation and weird formatting and such.''\\

'''Some notes on the upgrade as it has impacted me for anyone who is reading....'''


Install Development x64 Flash Player Beta in Linux

There is a development version of x64 (64-bit) flash for 64-bit browsers and OS's. It works fairly well in my experience, it's been out since October-ish.

To install:

download this url:


Setting up Windows Deployment Services (WDM)

I set up Windows Deployment Services today to take away some of the pain of (re)installing an OS on a machine. It was amazingly easy for a M$ server service configuration!!

!!Server Setup


How To Beat Windows Vista/7 Downloaded File Protection

OK, so Windows Vista introduced a feature that was continued in Windows 7 that does some funny things with file downloads.


How To Disable IPV6 in Windows 7

* This should also apply to Windows Vista
* This will basically disable ipv6 to the point where it won't create any of the garbage IP6 tunnels, etc in ipconfig /all
* It was necessary in my case where even with IPV6 protocol unchecked as an item in the adapter interface it would still create DNS entries for the IPV6 address when registering itself then those IPV6 addresses would be returned for DNS queries for my servers and the traffic would go nowhere!!!


Why I Don't Like Macs

I don't like them. I think this a fair first blog for testing.

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