Wedding (Now including photos)

This page is dedicated to info about my wedding. I will be trying to keep it updated with info including directions and things my guests may need, and it will also hopefully chronicle the whole process!

Firstly, Yes I am engaged (and now married) to Katie J. Porter! I proposed on October 8th, 2011. The story is not that special, but it did completely take her by surprise (or if not, she faked it very well!), so I think I did it mostly right!

**Photos**: Were taken by Katie's awesome uncle Mike (Michael J. Kwaiser Photography). He is a professional photographer who has done many weddings and events before. He gave us a good set of pictures very quickly. #TODO: put link here asap for his web info.

* [[|2012-10_WEDDING_04_CEREMONY]]
* [[|2012-10_WEDDING_DANS_PICS]]


**Date**: October 27, 2012, 5PM (reception at 6PM-ish)

**Place**: Perspective2 in Lansing, MI (old-town) -

**Info**: Well, this place lets us do it all ourselves. We have it rented for the evening. We are bringing our own catering, officials, music, bar and the rest.

**Map**: Here is a link to google map -

**Catering**: What Up Dawg? East Lansing, MI -
That's right! Hot dogs! Because we love em and we want em.

**Desert**: Specially picked treats from Bakin' Cakes ( here in Lansing everyone should have their choice of mini Pie, Cupcake or maybe Cheesecake and an additional choice of Cookie,Brownie and more. As we expect to have leftovers once everyone has picked over once, we hope you will all get your fill of whatever you wish =)

**Drinks**: Bartending is being provided by Kristina Kalso's friend Morgan who is an experienced bartender. She is also a personal recommendation. We expect everyone to be taken care of gracously and hope everyone returns the respect and remembers patience. I know she will be working the best she can to keep us happy, but I also know our friends and both sides of the family will like create a constant flow of traffic at the bar! Tips will surely be appreciated for her hard work =) We hope to have a couple signature drinks (likely matching our wedding colors), hope to have a small keg of good beer which will be finished off early while the larger keg will flow for the night, being replaced if needed. There will be a full bar of alcohol we have been stocking up on over the last several months. if something runs out, we're sorry, but we should have a very nice mix to start. And, yes, there will be a basic selection of wine also.

**Lodging**: Our block agreement is at 'University Quality Inn'. It is located close to the wedding, close to our house and on the way to East Lansing right off highway 127 where it exits onto Grand River. Here is the website: Here are the details:
* $95/night
* Mention the Porter-Deming Wedding to locate our block
* Must, must, MUST reserve rooms by 09/27/2012 for this deal
* Pretty nice pool area with bar in the pool area
* Contenental breakfast
* 2 Drinks Complimantary at the bar for staying
* Required to provide a credit card to book the room (standard procedure)
* Hotel is non-smoking (sorry)
* 48 hr cancellation policy
* Will be working on shuttle details ASAP but we fully expect to have one somehow from event to hotel

**Service**: At the location of the reception Perspective2, this will be only for our families mainly. The room where the service is being held is much smaller than the main room for the reception so our count was very limited unless we wanted to do it elsewhere which we didn't.

**Official**: The service will be officiated by my uncle Martin Billmeier who is a pastor of [[|St. Lucas Lutheran Church]] in Toledo Ohio.

**Music**: Dylan Roth: That's right the plan is to let Big Dylan throw down. He's been putting together a playlist/set with me for months now. There will be almost NO traditional music played. Deal with it =) We will be playing familiar music to start the night and getting into more of the 'wierd' stuff that my friends and I have always like later. Dylan is still in the music scene in downtown Chicago so he is likely to include new as well as old. And we're mixing everything from 80's synth to late 90's hip-hop =)

**Transportation**: Looks like 'Shaggin Wagon' taxi service here in Lansing will be providing our shuttle services to and from the hotel. It will be running from 4:30 - 6:30 PM from hotel to venue to get people to the venue for both the service at 5:00 PM and the reception at 6:30. Starting again at 10:00PM - 12:00PM the shuttle will be dedicated to bringing guests back to the hotel. If people wish to get back before 10PM we expect to have their number on hand or posted and WE will just be paying per-ride on an as-needed basis. Details on this final plan of as-needed rides will be available the night of the ceremony.

**Child Care/Kid-Free Reception**: This is a kids-free reception meaning we intend to have NO children under drinking age at the wedding. We have child-care provided for the length of the evening at the hotel from a certified child caregiver from the [[|MSU Human Development and Family Studies]] (former Family and Child Ecology) department. She was recommended personally by the sister of the Maid of Honor who studied and worked in that department for many years.

**Gifts/Registry**: We are registered at Target and at Sears. Registration should be under Joseph Deming and Katie Porter.

**Party**: Of course it's a party! If you're not done partying when the night is over there's the wonderful Unicorn Tavern next door. It's probably the opposite of what you'd picture with the name 'Unicorn' in it, but think more along the lines of 'Tavern' =) Also, the hotel has blocked our rooms together, so I expect some people will be hanging out at the hotel past midnight. Unfortunately, our time at the venue ends at midnight, and although we can pay to extend by the hour, we will likely be done just about then and moving on to more if we're up for it! Katie and I are staying at the hotel with everyone else so until we retire for the night we will be around.

Obviously plenty more to keep updating!!